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High Rollers Dispensary Banks on VIP Experience
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High Rollers cannabis dispensary is not your average pot shop. With their grand opening last week, the self-described ‘premium shop’ hopes to attract the VIP’s of Pearl Street, one of Denver’s artsy and unique boutique neighborhoods. The modern interior fits right into the neighborhood, echoing the design of neighboring hot spots like Stella’s Coffee and the Sushi Den. “We want to acclimate to the area,” said Luke Ramirez, co-owner of High Rollers. They believe customers will like the atmosphere and natural light from the frosted windows – something unusual in a pot shop. “I think our typical customer could spend a lot of time here, as we are prepared to spend as much time with a patient so we can understand their needs,” said Ramirez. High Rollers caters to patients looking for ‘pure products’ without butane and other heavy metals that can be used in the extraction process for concentrates and edible products. They promise to provide a ‘personalized high-end experience’ with organic, pesticide-free flower, and no artificial sweeteners or boosters in any of the products they carry. Expect a variety of CO2 and water-based hashes, a line of CBD products, and topicals. The cannabis dispensary also has a system that keeps notes on patients’ likes and dislikes – with their permission, of course. The innovative approach to dispensing helps to narrow down the best strains for the patient. “Most consumers know the profiles of cannabis they like, and we will train our budtenders to direct them to the right medicine accordingly,” Ramirez said. High Rollers wants to step outside their dispensary and into the community. In line with their local aspirations, they plan on sponsoring community events, and display art from local galleries. For now, the VIP experience is for medical marijuana cardholders only. Looking toward the future, High Rollers is working on their own cultivation facility to eventually line their shelves with their own flower. High Rollers hope to be open for recreational users, including tourists without a medical card, by April 20.
New High Rollers Dispensary Bets on Green, Organic Products
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Denver's South Pearl Street neighborhood is a reflection of its artsy, upscale residents, and now it's getting a cannabis dispensary designed with those people in mind: High Rollers, a high-end cannabis shop that will open on Saturday, January 21.

"The eclectic mix of culture, community and convenience in the area lends itself nicely to High Rollers' classic Victorian style," says Luke Ramirez, co-owner.
Ramirez was the co-owner of the Walking Raven on South Broadway, and he brought his team and experience to this new venture, which included a $100,000 renovation of the Victorian house at 1445 South Pearl Street that transformed the first floor into a medical marijuana storefront. Patients will enjoy a personalized, high-end experience in the "premium shop," Ramirez promises. "Our clients have a higher need for a pure product." High Rollers stocks its shelves with organic, pesticide-free flower, and guarantees a selection of products without artificial sweeteners or boosters. Butane isn't welcome here; instead, High Rollers opts for CO2 extracts and water-based hashes. "We believe in healthy, high-quality extracts and spare no expense in our clean concentrates," says Ramirez. In line with the dispensary's dedication to personal service, High Rollers budtenders are trained to take notes on patient preferences — when they have permission to do so — in order to help customers find their perfect strain. High Rollers wants to cater to the community as well as customers. That's why the dispensary will showcase the work of local artists, Ramirez says, and sponsor neighborhood events. Ramirez hopes to expand the med-only shop to recreational users by April 20. He also plans to line the shelves with High Rollers' own genetics once its multimillion-dollar cultivation warehouse is in operation later this year.
Giving back to the community
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The Impact of Local Cannabis Businesses on the Surrounding Community

Contrary to popular objections, marijuana legalization has not led to the downfall of our society; crime rates are not higher because of cannabis legalization nor are streets any less safe, and a rise in teen cannabis use has been negligible at best. If anything, cannabis legalization – and the industry it has created – has improved surrounding communities in some amazing ways. At High Rollers, we’re excited to be a part or our community’s growth, as well. At High Roller’s Dispensary, we understand the many benefits of cannabis which can include things like improved mood and over-all health, and we work hard to bring high-quality cannabis products to our guests so that they’ too, can reap the benefits of this fine plant. We also understand that happy, healthy individuals are the backbone of a happy, healthy community and work to strengthen the community through both cannabis therapy and community-based philanthropic endeavors. In turn, we hope to contribute to American freedom while improving the life satisfaction of our friends and neighbors.

How Cannabis Promotes Personal Life Satisfaction

For the first time in 80 years, many Americans are finally able to relax and enjoy a nice bowl of ganja or marijuana edible without having to fear the long arm of the law. Given their newly acquired freedom to medicate (or celebrate) however they choose, many people in 420-friendly states are choosing the safer option – cannabis. Using cannabis as a replacement (or compliment, in some cases) to alcohol or prescription drugs has its own set of benefits well beyond the simple pleasure inherent with cannabis consumption. For example, cannabis has been shown to both improve the efficiency of certain prescription medications and reduce dependency on them resulting in fewer addition-related deaths and a drop prescription drug misuse. The best part: people are able to live happy, “normal” lives free from pain, restlessness, emotional discomfort and crippling addiction. This is one important way cannabis helps promote balance. When individuals and their families are free to consume cannabis -- be it for medical or recreational reasons -- they are absolved of the burden inherent with an illegal substance; they not only feel better physically, but they can rest assured that their family will not suffer as a result of state- or federally-sanctioned drug interventions and property seizures. Because healthy, happy families lead to happy, healthy communities, local cannabis businesses are transitively creating a more solid foundation in which communities thrive. People are happier, families are healthier and local economies are more prosperous. When we look at it this way, it seems cannabis businesses are a no-brainer for everyone around. Except when they’re not.

Cannabis Business Sprawl Affects Low-Income Residents

Marijuana legislation has created an influx of business opportunities, and business people are eager to get their piece of the weed-infused pie. With big plans and deep pockets, many entrepreneurs and business professionals are gobbling up real estate in the area in hopes of turning a huge profit in the future. While this is beneficial to those with a background in marijuana (there are jobs a-plenty for qualified candidates), it has created quite the conundrum for low-income residents in the state. The growing demand for marijuana and marijuana-related jobs has creates a “green rush” or sorts, inspiring thousands to move to 420-friendly states like Colorado in search of health, happiness and their next big break. This flood of new residents has caused a spike in real estate prices across the state, with the average price of a Colorado home being more than $400,000. Residential rental prices are also steadily increasing more so than the rest of the nation and currently rest at about $1500 for a two-bedroom apartment. Though the real estate increase may be beneficial to those who purchased their homes prior to 2014, this is not always the case for those who own homes near some cannabis facilities. Limited zoning has forced many cannabis businesses to set up shop in low-income neighborhoods, which has had an unfortunately negative impact on surrounding home values. Partially due to ill-conceived ideas about “pot shops” in the neighborhood and partially due to the pungent odor or marijuana growing facilities, these homes have witnessed a drop in real estate value making it more difficult to relocate or refinance. Local non-profit organizations have witnessed similar difficulties in terms of where they can and can’t afford to operate. For example, warehouses that were traditionally rented out as art studios and homeless shelters have become a highly-desirable commodity in the cannabis industry. Cannabis cultivation and production facilities require ample space to conduct business and have more money to invest in operations than non-profits do which has the unfortunate consequence of pushing inner-city culture back into the shadows. In other words, when cannabis businesses generate profit without investing some of it back into the community, the most vulnerable members of society are also the most likely to lose.

Putting Profits Back into the Community

There’s no doubt marijuana legalization has had an impact on communities within legal states. While some have enjoyed a more well-tolerated lifestyle and wellness regimen on top of huge economic gain, others have found themselves struggling to reap the benefit of this holistic plant. In an effort to give back to the community that has welcomed us so warmly – to help heal individuals, families and communities from the ills of health and social injustices – we at High Rollers Dispensary have made it our mission to share the healing power of cannabis in the healthiest, most accommodating ways possible. We do this primarily through our premium, boutique-style Denver dispensary. By focusing only on high-quality, pesticide-free, organically-produced products, we hope to help our community experience holistic wellness through cannabis therapy. Our clients can be confident that the products they consume from our store are made from meticulously-cultivated cannabis flower that has been carefully tested and analyzed for its therapeutic potential. We never allow contaminants to taint our products and work hard to see that our guests receive the best product recommendations for their needs and desired experiences. But our community reach goes well beyond the products we sell. Building on the belief that cannabis can create homeostasis (balance) within the community, we strive to help those less fortunate in any way we can. We do this by hosting charitable events like the annual Cannabis Charity Open, which raised $2,000 to donate to the Denver Colorado AIDS Project. We also regularly contribute to a number of other charitable events and community out-reach projects, and encourage the display and sale of local artwork to help promote our local culture. At High Rollers Dispensary, we believe in the healing power of cannabis for both the individual and the community. By focusing on high-quality cannabis products and investing our resources in worth-while community out-reach programs, we hope to dispel the notion that cannabis businesses are inherently bad and instead, promote the concept of philanthropy through cannabis reform. Do you think canna-businesses are good for the community? Why or why not?

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